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Flight Mode Method
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Flight Mode Method is a creative practice devised by dancer and independent artist Rachel Kay. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we helped Rachel take her creative business online with a membership platform to connect with artists and share her knowledge.

The challenge

Bring independent artists together online, share knowledge and provide practice-based tools.

More than just a branded digital experience, Rachel wanted to build an online community to empower independent creatives, and deliver her teachings and creative tools to a paid membership. Her unique requirements could not be met by off-the-shelf membership software; she needed a fully bespoke and flexible platform.

Membership platform for personalised online course delivery

The solution

A custom-built digital learning hub tailored to deliver a range of learning content.

The Flight Mode Method app we developed for Rachel is as unique as her offering. It allows for personalised learning profiles for each paid member. Depending on their membership type, they have access to different course materials and resources, allowing for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Rachel can also broadcast messages to her membership and connect directly with individuals via the app, as well as uploading videos or files and tracking member progress.

Membership platform for personalised online course deliveryMembership platform for personalised online course delivery

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