The Vital Hike Way

We’re on a mission to harness the power of emerging technology to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Right now, we know this can feel intimidating. And where you want to be seems out of reach. Vital Hike exists to change that.

We do this by listening, learning and caring about your business as if it was our own. We learn by asking the right questions and challenging the answers you give. Once we understand the challenges your business faces, we’ll map out the journey to tackle these with bespoke web and app experiences. We’ll guide you through with confidence.

Our promise is to be with you every step of the way.

12 years of experience

Vital Hike was founded in 2010 by two brothers - Eddie & Chris Dunkerley. Back then, they felt the right way to grow a business was to surround themselves with great people. The business was built around individuals who share the same values as themselves. This has been their recruitment mantra since day one. The foundations for this 'people' business were laid early on.

A team of people with purpose

Vital Hike is a talented team of good people doing valuable stuff for other good people, and we care deeply about the outcomes of our work.

Are we a good fit?

We partner with clients of all shapes and sizes who are looking to differentiate online. Seeking more than a website - they want to build something special and create an experience their staff and customers can’t get anywhere else. 

They understand this will come with a bigger price tag than traditional website development, and they’re ok with that because they appreciate and value the benefits of using technology to get ahead of the curve.

The core values that drive everything we do



Attentive. Fascinated. Inquiring. Marked by a desire to ask questions, explore and grow. Leaving ego aside, we want to know what happens next and how the story ends.



Conscious. Open-minded. Tuned in. We notice what others don’t, making connections and joining the dots to find the most impactful solutions.



Dynamic. Enlightened. Forward-looking. Open to new knowledge and insight that changes our perspective. We embrace that feeling of a lightbulb switching on in your head.



Receptive. Friendly. Welcoming. We greet all new people and all new ideas with hospitality, interest and warmth. A safe space where no one is left behind and there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Meet the team

The team that make the business tick

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