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Ardross is an award-winning farm and boutique farm shop in the East Neuk of Fife. With a focus on regenerative farming and animal welfare, their produce is not only outstanding but good for the planet too.

The challenge

Align Ardross’s brand identity and online presence with their forward-thinking vision.

The Ardross Farm team are committed to doing things the right way—from sustainably managing their pastures and encouraging biodiversity to traditional “stress free” animal husbandry. These strong values and the team’s entrepreneurial spirit needed to be reflected in a cohesive brand identity—which up until this point had developed organically. They also required a new website with e-commerce, blog, and recipe features to build brand awareness and grow their customer base beyond local trade.

Bringing a boutique farm shop online

The solution

Create an authentic identity that captures Ardross’s passion and an e-commerce website to bring their business online.

We took a deep dive into Ardross Farm’s history, vision and mission as a business, as well as getting to know their team. We distilled what we learned into a new identity for the brand infused with their passion and ambition, laid out in detail in a Brand Map.

Using this new identity as our guide, we built an e-commerce website that communicates Ardross Farm’s story and ethos, and advertises their amazing products to a wider audience. This creates the potential for the farm to sell their products online to an extended market, which is part of the plan for their next stage of growth as a business.

Bringing a boutique farm shop onlineBringing a boutique farm shop online

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