Bespoke e-commerce platform for agri-seed distributor


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Watson Seeds are a large agricultural supplier based in Scotland who have been distributing grass seed and forage across the UK for over 25 years. We helped them evolve their business online with an e-commerce platform with bespoke functionality.

The challenge

Integrate complex, bespoke functionality into a user-friendly e-commerce platform.

Watson Seeds wanted to develop a digital platform that enabled their customers to purchase seeds and other products online from anywhere in the UK. More than this, it needed to educate buyers and help them work out the correct quantity of seeds to order, which involved complex calculations—something not possible with off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms.

Bespoke e-commerce platform for agri-seed distributor

The solution

A custom-built e-commerce platform with a seed quantity calculation function.

We developed an e-commerce platform with a bespoke seed quantity calculator on each product page. It allows customers to select a measurement unit (either surface area or weight) and add relevant optional extras to their order. It’s quicker and more convenient for customers to place orders, with reduced potential for human error.

We also built an extensive knowledge hub for Watson’s e-commerce site to educate their customers about their products and help them select the correct seed types for their requirements—a task previously undertaken by their customer service team over the phone or via email. This saves time and frees up staff to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Bespoke e-commerce platform for agri-seed distributor Bespoke e-commerce platform for agri-seed distributor

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