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Creating a memorable, forward-thinking brand for Scottish charity, Sacro.

The challenge

Sacro approached Vital Hike with a goal of refreshing their existing brand identity and website.

They wanted to:

“…present a clear, engaging and contemporary brand that shows Sacro as a leader in its field while acknowledging the long-standing status and reputation of the organisation.”

The aim was to create a new identity that would honour the essence of Sacro while providing a modern and progressive feel to suit the direction of the charity going forward. The previous logo had the potential to be divisive with audiences, given its use of the Saltire symbol and ‘Police Scotland’ blue. We decided to replace this with a more inclusive, trustworthy identity that suited the diverse audiences Sacro reaches. Brand language was also a key part of this project & we worked alongside copywriter Felicity Wild to produce a more fitting tagline.

‘Paths to positive change’

A powerful change of direction

The solution

A friendlier, more direct Sacro.

Their new identity represents Sacro’s forward thinking approach as a brand. It is a more literal representation of what Sacro does – helping to put people on the right track, leading people towards the support they need. Bright, vibrant colours were introduced to make the brand feel lighter and more positive to interact with. A new, flexible illustration system was also created based around a map of Scotland – keeping them true to their roots.

A new, responsive website was also required as part of this project to present a modernised, refreshed look of the organisation. We considered how users would interact with the site and focused on simplifying their services to make the overall experience easy to use and clearer to understand. Sacro also added in ‘Impact Stories’ to help illustrate their services and make the website feel more personable and relatable.


A powerful change of directionA powerful change of direction

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