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Stevens Scotland

Gordon Stevens - Managing Director

Gordon was a referral from an existing customer.

As our biggest customer, he could have quite easily tried to railroad us into a particular way of working but he didn't and has always treated us with the utmost respect. His business demeanour in one that we admire greatly. Having a focus along with a logical head on his shoulders, he worked extremely well with our tech team and developed a great relationship with Eddie. Both coming from similar IT backgrounds allowed them to communicate in their native language - one’s and zero’s!

Stevens Scotland are a Blinds manufacturer – the UK’s leading manufacturer of window blinds.


The cHallenge:

To provide a software development service that would create and support a new cloud portal to transform how Gordon and his team communicated with, and received orders from, their customers.

We first engaged with Gordon to help him with a one-off website project that he was having problems with. The current supplier was not playing ball and he had problems getting a response from them. He was looking for a dynamic team to help him out of the situation he was in so we did just that. We ended up hosting and managing three of his corporate websites.

This led onto Gordon asking us if we could develop a bespoke cloud portal system just for Stevens Scotland. This was mainly a technical challenge as it would involve developing a software system from scratch.


The Solution:

The Cloud Portal:

We worked with Gordon to plan out what was involved in building the portal. The project was of a size and level of complexity that it made sense to form an ongoing relationship where we would agree a month's work at a time. This also meant that we could adapt the plan as we went along. In projects of this size, flexibility was crucial as it was completely new to everyone and it was impossible to plan all eventualities.

We managed to create a solid and trusted working relationship with Gordon and his team. This allowed us all to get the best from our skill set and focus completely on doing the job the best we could.

We developed a complex tool that allowed Stevens Scotland trade partners to order through a secure portal. This would mean less paperwork, less phone calls and essentially less margin for error for Gordon and his team.


The Results:

This portal transformed the way Stevens Scotland’s trade partners communicated with head office. It allows all ordering to be done without phone calls and emails back and forth from head office to trade partners.

The main result is the increase in efficiency for the trade partner in their order process – through the cloud portal.

We provided the trade partners of Stevens Scotland with an efficient tool to allow precious time to be spent in more higher value areas of their businesses. This creates happy trade partners which enhances the ongoing relationship with Stevens Scotland.