Vital Hike &

Scottish Shutters

David Brown - Director

David is a family man running what we call a ‘real’ family business. The team at Scottish Shutters is made up of a Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son in law, Niece and many more.

They had approached us 7 years ago with a bad website and very poor lead generation.

7 years ago we embarked on a wonderful journey with the whole family. It was a huge success for us all and we are hugely proud of what was achieved.

As Scotland’s largest independent family shutter business, they provide a specialist service for installing luxury shutters for your home. An approachable ‘human’ alternative to the national corporate shutter companies.


The cHallenge:

To build a long-term relationship that would elevate the company from a local brand to a national brand and also help develop a long-term lead generation model for the family.

Early on, the first challenge was to educate everyone involved and help the Scottish Shutters team understand what was possible. They were very receptive and clearly trusted us wholeheartedly and that part happened quickly. Everyone was on-board quickly with the remit.

There was a requirement to build a mobile responsive website that catered for many different different levels of customer.

The desire to compete with the big corporate outfits was an interesting challenge and something David relished. This became fun, as due to our size and nature, we could react quickly to changing environments but the competition were bigger and much slower. This definitely worked in our favour.

One of the main challenges we all faced was the desire to have the fastest site load time as possible. This was a technical challenge and the team spent a lot of time working at speeding up the website page load speed.

Presenting the business brand as a true family business and carving out their own space within the marketplace was crucial to the remit.


The Solution:

We were asked by David and the team to rebrand the company, and design and build a brand new website for Scottish Shutters. We were also given the marketing remit with a focus on lead generation and landing page creation. This was a large project that involved the strategic, design and technical departments of Vital Hike.

We not only had to understand the challenge and goals, we had to plan out how the website would be structured, ensure usability and conversion were main design considerations, think through and design all the landing pages that were to be created (nearly 100).

So, we built the bespoke marketing  website on a WordPress platform.

The website had a unique design. It was informal, toned down and anything but corporate. It played on the human aspects of the business and presented a much more engaging experience for the end users.

Along with the many landing pages for Google AdWords campaigns and organic traffic, we were set up and ready to take on the world.

By this point David had learnt Google AdWords and was driving traffic at the landing pages and along with our valuable organic traffic - the relevancy of the content was converting visitors quickly. The landing page design was clearly spot-on, and working wonders.

Using keyword analysis we knew what search terms were converting so we could continually develop new landing pages to convert specific search terms going forward.

We produced a new logo for the Scottish Shutters. This was vibrant and recognisable and very different to what was already out there in their industry. It stood out. But a logo is nothing on its own.

More importantly we developed an ongoing and long-term relationship with Scottish Shutters where we could continually work towards making them a recognisable brand and a preferable alternative option for anyone buying shutters in Scotland.


The Results:

The 7 years working together was a huge success and taught us all a huge amount and we all grew significantly as businesses and as individuals. This success allowed David to pursue other business ventures and spend time doing the things he wanted to do.

We started with an initial strategy that David and his team bought into, they trusted us and we executed what we said we would and as a result the business grew.

It was a lot of hard work from both sides of the relationship but then i suppose that's what great relationships require.

Since we started working with David, Scottish Shutters have...

  • Won Family business of the year
  • Gone from no leads to more than 200 leads a month
  • Become a nationally recognised brand
  • And… spent good money to get where they are - doing it right isn't cheap, but it's worth it.