Vital Hike &

Engineering Agencies

Muir Beveridge - Director,

Muir is passionate about what he does. You can tell he cares about every aspect of his business. We really liked that! Someone with this kind of passion inspires us. He is also focussed on the long term - something that we align ourselves with here at Vital Hike.

Engineering Agencies specialise in worldwide distribution of power tools, hand tools, workwear & safety boots.


The cHallenge:

To develop a relationship where we could advise and execute in such a way as to transform the return on investment from the internet.

Muir had worked with digital agencies in the past and like many others, had a lost an element of trust in the industry. He needed to find a team that he could trust wholeheartedly to work with him in partnership to overcome the challenge that faced him.

Engineering Agencies had a successful bricks and mortar store and had been in the game since 1955. They had a loyal customer base who clearly identified with the company's values. The challenge was to replicate this success online and grow annual online sales to £1m over 5 years.

We were inheriting a presence that had been neglected by previous providers and therefore we had to start from scratch.

We agreed to develop a brand new ecommerce solution as well as run their online paid advertising campaigns. A great project - The challenge was on.


The Solution:

Developing a project of this nature can take months, especially when there are specific and unique requirements for the ecommerce process.

We put together a small team to tackle the project - mainly made up of those with technical and marketing skills. Both parties invested heavily in the project and together created an ecommerce platform containing thousands of products selling to customers all over the world.

We then worked with Muir and his team to systematically work through the marketing campaigns, including SEO and Google AdWords to ensure we were attracting the right kind of traffic in the right way.

Due to the nature and size of the project, it requires intensive and ongoing maintenance and reassessment of marketing goals. Using data from our analysis tools, we worked together to identify the most profitable products in a highly competitive marketplace. Where we felt price points were too high, we fed that information back to Muir and his team to ensure the best ROI from their spend.

Muir and his team ended up with something slightly different than we all first anticipated. That is the very nature of online marketing - often you don't know what is going to happen until you try.

The website ended up focussing on workwear and and the most successful campaigns were the Google AdWords campaigns focussed on Google Shopping.


The Results:

Apart from the valued relationship which has been created with the team at Engineering Agencies, we have seen…

  • Sales rise steadily year-on-year with both parties committed to a long-term vision of the online success of the business.
  • A 70% increase in organic and paid website traffic
  • A 50% increase in annual online revenue

We delivered a solid ecommerce solution and backed it up with a focussed marketing strategy targeting a profitable niche. One of the greatest results for us was to receive a personal phone call from Muir to tell us how happy they were with progress. He made the effort to say thanks.

We also took them to a place where they now have faith in the online marketing industry again. A very important thing for us.