Vital Hike &


Gordon Adam - Owner

Drumgolf owner, Gordon Adam approached Vital Hike with a challenge. Gordon's passions are his country and golf. His mission was to showcase both to the world; it just so happens he has a company that provides luxury customised golf tour packages and is based in St Andrews, Scotland.


The cHallenge:

To help increase the number and quality of leads generated through his website and help convert these enquiries in the most efficient manner.

The very nature of Gordon's business required a solid and trustworthy online presence and a proactive marketing strategy to drive leads at the website.

Gordon was told by his previous marketing supplier (an Edinburgh agency) that they could take him no further regarding online marketing. Without fully understanding the industry, he had a gut feel that more could be done and so went about looking for an optimistic digital team that could identify with his approach and help him.

We were introduced to Gordon through an old work colleague. What he required was a skill set that very well matched what he had in-house - Branding, Design, SEO, Google AdWords, Business Systems & Tools.

However, more importantly, he was a good guy and ran his business the right way. We immediately identified with his passions of golf and Scotland.

The challenge was to provide an online presence that not only sent traffic to his website and leads to his inbox (2 very different things) but to deliver for a variety of target markets throughout different seasons in the year. Ooft, a challenge and a half.

We really wanted to work with him. We saw this as a cracking opportunity. We felt confident we could make a difference to him and his business. We knew we had the skills, the desire and the knowledge to overcome his challenge.


The Solution:

Having developed a clear remit with Gordon, we assembled a team of designers, marketers, techies and Google AdWords geeks to help get us to our goal.

The focus was not just on lead generation. We identified that he needed more. The first step was to solidify and evolve the Drumgolf brand. We developed a logo, font and guidelines that would be used throughout all future Drumgolf projects.

We then developed a new mobile responsive website to reflect the new brand and allow us full control over the marketing campaigns.

Once that was complete, he needed a regular and consistent stream of enquiries coming into his inbox. This is where our Google AdWords team came into their own. Having passed our Google exams and qualified as certified Google AdWords professionals, we firstly reviewed the existing AdWords account and were shocked by the management of the account and the amount of money going to waste. The previous supplier had a very bad understanding of how Google AdWords operates. We cleaned out the campaigns and started again. This time saving him money and also increasing the number of leads. Streamlined and ready to go, the leads started coming in.

It became apparent that Gordon and his team needed help with how they showcased their offering. They needed a business engine that would help them convert the leads in the most efficient manner possible.

We discussed how to differentiate Drumgolf from the competition and we came up with a personalised online quotation system. This allowed Gordon's team to generate a personalised quotation for every client and present it to them as a mini personalised website. But more importantly, it took half the time it did to produce quotes the old way. Saving on time and standing out in a crowded marketplace.


The Results:

Now, remember, his previous agency said there was nothing else that could be done...

Using the following comparison period: Nov 2015-May 2016 v Nov 2014-May 2015.

This period is the low season for our Drumgolf and we put their new website live around November 2015.

  • Overall traffic increased substantially
  • Mobile traffic almost doubled in number.
  • Mobile bounce rate (rate at which visitors leave a website without visiting another page) reduced significantly due to a new mobile friendly website.
  • A 200% increase in overall enquiry form completions alone.
  • The overall number of enquires (forms and emails) increased by 350%
  • Enquiry rate for mobile alone has increased by over 200%.

Gordons’ previous supplier ran out of ideas and got to a dead-end. We have now worked with Gordon and his team for 7 years and the journey continues. We have developed multiple business systems for him and continue to promote Drumgolf online. New challenges arise almost monthly but as technologies evolve and customers adjust their behaviour to marketing techniques, we must adapt the strategy for Gordon.

The most important measurement for us is the amount of time and freedom Gordon can devote to the things that really matter to him.

The success we have created together with Gordon has allowed him to branch into other areas that he was keen to explore. He has been given freedom to have a go at other businesses projects to expand and continue to showcase his passions to the world.