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Big Tree Campervans

Simon Yearsley - Owner

Simon is an all-round good egg. He is a proper family man with a unique passion for the outdoors. He is on a mission to share the incredible outdoor adventures that Scotland has to offer. Oh and it’s probably worth mentioning that he also runs Scotland's best campervan hire business.

You will find him either climbing the side of a frozen waterfall or watching his son Ed rocket down a hillside on a mountain bike or handing you the keys to one of the best campervans available for hire in the country.

Simon has become our most loyal customer. He first approached us when we too were just starting out. It has truly been a joy to see both companies grow at the same time. We met when he had left his job in the city and he wanted to pursue life in the outdoors. He had that dogged determination in his eyes and he was looking for someone to share an adventure with. So of course, just like Bilbo did with Gandalf, we signed up immediately.


The cHallenge:

To help Simon create the best campervan hire company in Scotland - from scratch!

The challenge was to build a brand, a website and manage a marketing strategy that would not just start him off but drive fast growth in an ever more competitive marketplace.

In time we would need to help create a bespoke cloud system to drastically improve efficiencies and productivity for dealing with enquiries and customer bookings.

Starting off as a small business in a competitive marketplace is a big challenge on its own but to take over the industry is a 3-5 years period was a big ask. So what happened next?


The Solution:

Over the 6 years working together, we have helped Simon by...

  • Developing a brand and strapline
  • Developing 2 successful reincarnations of the website
  • Managing and executing the SEO activity to keep the website prominent in a competitive search market
  • Building a completely bespoke online booking system and CRM to suit Simon’s specific needs and improve efficiencies and productivity.

Simon currently has a stand out website that reflects him and his values. The website is integrated with his cloud system to streamline business process. We also support him monthly through marketing and general web support.


The Results:

  • A stand-out industry brand
  • Page 1 of Google - Even though this isn't always a direct measure of success it was an important result to Simon and so we got him there.
  • A website design that was unique to the industry
  • Bespoke CRM & booking system that streamlined business processes and facilitated growth into new business ventures
  • Directing and delivering an adventure video production exclusively for Big Tree Campervans.
  • Rapid growth in the early years
  • Simon will always refer us to others and turn to us for advice