Why I have a problem with "Content Marketing"

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Why I have a problem with "Content Marketing"

Eddie Dunkerley
September 18, 2017
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Quite simply this is a buzzterm. It is ambiguous. It's not a strategy and it's not a tactic. So, what actually is it?

To me it is just marketing through modern channels of communication. Don't get me wrong, Content Marketing exists, I just don't like the use of the term. It is ambiguous and people always ask what it is. It's a label and that's as useful as it gets.

I have been looking at online content for our clients for over 10 years with the aim to drive traffic to websites and help that traffic find the answers to their questions. Answering questions with your content is not new and the strategy has not changed BUT the tactics sure have.

My content marketing concerns....

  1. It encourages small businesses to spend a lot of time creating stuff that doesn't work or even worse they don't know if it works. I have seen examples of people who are creating content and are not measuring what works and what doesn't. Bonkers!!
  2. A lot of "Content Marketing" people make it seem easy (it's something everyone can do).....it is NOT easy to get right.
  3. I have seen a lot of poor content, of all descriptions. The world does not need more poor/average content.
  4. I think this "Content Marketing" concept very much attracts the small business/sole trader who cannot always afford to do it right.
  5. The wrong people are often creating the content.
  6. It is often very "me" focussed. This is not always appropriate (sometimes it is)

The one thing that I do like is the endeavour and the willingness to try but it is often misguided on a promise that it will "transform" their business.

The beauty of the online world is that we can be targetted in our approach and we can measure results. Under the "Content Marketing" label there are lots of channels, tactics, media, methods etc etc and if you are going to create content, here are a few things you really need to think about...

  1. What is your Goal?
  2. Who is going to consume it?
  3. Where will they find it?
  4. Does it send the right message about you or your business.
  5. Is it really that interesting?
  6. Does it solve a problem?

It's not easy.

There are lots of stories of fantastic "content marketing" but to me these stories are the minority. We very rarely hear about the other end of the stick....why?....because no one wants to talk about it. They tried it and it was difficult, they didn't know what was working or if it was working, so they stopped. They don't talk about it because it's not that not interesting....or is it?

The activities under the "Content Marketing" label are real, they exists, but be more focussed in your approach, make a plan, do what your audience wants, measure it, learn and evolve. Don't just publish because you feel the need to do "Content Marketing". It is not a strategy and it is not a tactic, it falls somewhere in between. If you get your tactics right it will work but please call it something I can understand.

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