Website Security (HTTPS/SSL) - It's high time your website was protected

Eddie Dunkerley
September 14, 2017
Web Design
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Website Security (HTTPS/SSL) - It's high time your website was protected

Eddie Dunkerley
September 18, 2017
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Google has been dropping hints (actually more than just hints) for quite some time now. This security stuff needs addressed pronto...

What is it?

Basically, it is encryption of data. Any data that is entered into your website through, for example a contact form, will be encrypted when it is sent through the internet. This protects the information of the people submitting things on your website. It means no one can intercept it. This has traditionally been used for sending credit card information securely on websites.

You can see if this encryption is activated on a website by looking in the in the URL bar at the top of your browser. It will look something like this....

How to identify a website with SSL Encryption
Google Chrome https example

If your website does not have this encryption activated, it can (depending on your browser and software on your computer) show some alarming messages to you customers/visitors. Here is what it might look like if you do not have HTTPS/SSL...

Google's new warning when websites do not have SSL installed
Google Chrome non-https example

What it is not...

It is not protection against hackers. Your website will still need to be kept up to date to ensure that it is not hacked. Dont assume that the SSL will take care of that.

Why might it affect you.

  1. Soon most, if not all browsers, will warn users that your website is not secure.
  2. It might mean potential customers are less likely to submt their information to enquire about your services
  3. Google has indicated that it might boost rankings of websites that are secured by HTTPS (no guarantees though)

What to do now?

Our recommendation is that you should be doing this now. We believe it is now best practice so get in touch with your website provider....

....HTTPS and SSL can be quite complicated and what needs done is very dependent on the unique requirements of your site. We recommend that you speak to your website provider and get some help from them. They should be able to advise the best way forward. Generally there will be costs associated with doing this but long term it will be worth it. 

Will it cost me?

This encryption requires certificates and they need to be renewed (often yearly) so there will be some ongoing costs to consider. However, we feel the benefits of doing it outweigh the costs considerably.

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