What's in a name?

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What's in a name?

Chris Dunkerley
March 28, 2018
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We are often asked why we chose Vital Hike as our name. This short article will give you a little insight into how it came about.

Vital – adjective

 1. absolutely necessary; essential.

  1. full of energy; lively.

Hike –  noun

1. a long walk or walking tour.

  1. ‍to move up or rise

When Eddie and I first discussed our business name, we were sitting at his dining room table, in his wee flat in Newport-on-Tay, looking out over the River Tay and into the distant hills beyond. It was a stunning view.

Our discussions were along the lines of this...

Apart from the fact that we are proudly Scottish, we love the outdoors and are very keen hill walkers, we made the decision very early on that we wanted to work with people who held similar family based values to ourselves and those who enjoyed and appreciated the same things we did. We wanted to choose a name that reflected who we were as people and we believed a brand of this nature would attract what we class as the perfect client.

Our name had to be honest and true to ourselves. We always wanted our new clients to partner with us rather than just become a customer. We wanted to build relationships, not just a customer base. You wouldn't go on a hike with someone you don't gel with.

We have never believed in quick fixes and just a like a hike or an expedition, there are no shortcuts in what we do. 

The real rewards come from doing things the right way with integrity at the core. This is how we believe you achieve something remarkable. To succeed on any expedition you need the right people around you. Understanding that what lies ahead is often difficult. Nothing of real value comes easy. We are always up for the challenge and want to take others with us on that journey. Our experience in the digital world is like that of a Sherpa on a mountain expedition. We have done this many times before. We believe we are best placed to guide our clients through the digital landscape. There is so much to consider in what we do and between us we have the wide range of knowledge and experience to ensure the objective is achieved.

We felt the name ‘Vital Hike’ resembled the real and honest digital challenge that lies ahead of most businesses. Some might say it is negative but we don’t believe in dressing it up as an easy task. Nothing about what we do is easy and it is different for every client. We don't want to over promise and under deliver. It is an essential journey for most businesses.

Vital Hike means stand up and be counted, for what lies ahead is no mean feat and you want the best people leading you on the journey.

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