Is SEO Dead? Hell no! But the rules of the game have changed.

Eddie Dunkerley
September 8, 2017
Online Marketing
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Is SEO Dead? Hell no! But the rules of the game have changed.

Eddie Dunkerley
September 18, 2017
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SEO is an unknown for most businesses and the tactics required do change. It has been suggested that SEO is dead....let me be clear - it is not dead!

SEO is still very much alive as ever. However, it has evolved and matured.

Forget what you have been told in the past... as of right now I would say SEO is about building your Brand personality online. The best successes we have seen in recent years are where a brand has been translated into an online presence. And when I say brand I mean any brand from the local cafe to the the multinational business.

Good, helpful brands are rewarded, and you know what... that's the way it should be.

The days of quick-fix link building and keyword stuffing are so far in the past that it makes me happy. Why am I happy...

  1. They were artificial and forced.
  2. They worked only for the short term.
  3. They were often employed by poor service providers.
  4. They were cheap and devalued real SEO.

Another favourite change of mine is the massive reduction in Keyword based domain names that rank well in Google... For example There was a craze for these years back (we bought some ourselves when we didn't know any better) but slowly they have been replaced by good brands with excellent strategies for...

  • Websites
  • Mobile
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts 
  • User Experience
  • etc etc.

So what should you do....

  1. Choose the tactics that most suit your Brand and invest in those. Do you need good personalised imagery?... if yes then hire a photographer. Do you need video... get someone in to help if you can't do it yourself.
  2. Set yourself up to gain the benefits of measurable marketing. For example good website reporting, keyword position tracking, social media reporting. All of this helps you make better decisions.
  3. Build trusted relationships with providers who can help you in all the areas that you define as part of your strategy (it is very unlikely you can do all this yourself). Often these trusted providers will need to understand some of the inner workings of your business in order to give you the best advice.

Why do this?....

Always remember that the people you are trying to attract want an easy, friction-less path to consume your product or service, so help them by creating that experience. Google and other search engines are now smart enough to reward these people. We previously wrote an article on Googles Strategy which you should check out.

Not every business needs to utilise every channel/tactic. The tactic/channel might not represent your business very well, or you might not have the skills or budget to do it the way that best reflects your brand, so be strategic in what you do.

In Summary...

SEO traditionally stood for Search Engine Optimisation ...

Now... SEO more accurately stands for Searcher Experience Optimisation. I cant claim credit for this phrase, I just believe it... Google it and you will see a trend moving toward this way of thinking.

There is a lot of effort in creating your brand both offline and online but the rewards are huge and they are for the long-term. As of today your SEO efforts should start by being focussed on your brand.

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