Is Google scaring your customers with its latest release?

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Is Google scaring your customers with its latest release?

Eddie Dunkerley
July 26, 2018
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Google has launched a security change to its Chrome browser. Will it affect your website and what should you do?

First thing is dont panic. This sounds scarier that it actual is.

The next thing to do is to check if this will affect you. This is an easy check, just visit your website and if you see HTTPS in front of your website domain then you are OK.

‍If you see this you are not affected

If you see Not Secure then you will affected by this change and we suggest taking some form of action.

‍if you see this you are affected

Why might this affect you?

When users visit your website they will be shown an insecure message, as shown in thesecond image above, and they may decide not to submit any details to your website in fact they may decide to leave the website without doing anything at all. This is a user experience problem and may lead to a drop in enquiries.

What do you need to do?

You need to install a security certificate. There are lots of options and this will depend on how you use your website. It is best to speak with your website developer to go through the options. It is likely there will be some costs associated with this but they are not prohibitive even for small businesses.

Our View –

We recommend installing a security certificate for 2 reasons:

  1. It secures your website traffic and in turn any user data that may be submitted
  2. The evidence suggests, and Google have suggested, that this could help your Search Engine rankings.

Here is a link to the official Google blog article describing the actual changes they have made

We also discussed this previously in our HTTPS article last September

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