Do Google Adwords Really Work?

Chris Dunkerley
December 15, 2016
Google Adwords
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Do Google Adwords Really Work?

Chris Dunkerley
April 24, 2018
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We all know that Google makes a huge amount of money from Adwords but more importantly, can businesses like yours make money from Google Adwords?

This is a very popular question and something I get asked regularly.

The Short Answer: YES

The Long Answer: YES*

* but you must have a solid understanding of how ADWORDS functions or you will be throwing money away.

Let's look at what not to do:

The obvious starting place for many is the cheapest option. Google send out millions of FREE Adwords vouchers through the post (you've likely received one) to encourage businesses to try Google Adwords. I actually think this is a bad idea, as Adwords is not something to be thrown together and managed by a novice. I think this method leaves many people disillusioned with Adwords and they lose interest and trust. They end up undervaluing something that has the potential to transform their businesses - but who am I to tell Google that they are doing it wrong? Their behemoth status suggests they clearly know better!

Signing up for Adwords yourself with one of these free Google Adwords vouchers is potentially a waste of time and effort. Unless you are prepared to invest 50-100 hours on learning about how adwords really works, then don't bother trying to do it yourself. 

Also, if you are called out of the blue by an adwords management company proclaiming to be the best thing since adwords itself, from my experience these organisations are driving numbers rather than quality and once you are on their books, they wont touch your account. But hey, maybe I am being cynical.

What should you do?

Adwords can be hugely beneficial to most businesses if it is managed by someone who knows what they are doing – preferably a Google Adwords Certified Professional who has passed the exams set by Google themselves and is qualified to provide you with an adwords management service.

My advice would be to get someone who is qualified and more importantly someone that you can trust - to help you get started. Starting at around £50 per month, a certified Adwords professional could manage your campaign(s) and drive relevant convertible traffic to your website. Remember, you have to pay Google on top of that. I would suggest a £50 - £100 per month Google budget to start with. If a business cannot afford to spend £100 - £150 per month on marketing then they will have to put in the 50 - 100 hours of late night learning so they can do it themselves.

What else should you be aware of?

Google makes a lot of money from Adwords. The funny thing is, if you are very good at managing your adwords campaigns, Google rewards you for your good management and charges you less. Your Cost Per Click (CPC) is reduced the better your adwords campaigns are managed.

So let's say you have found someone to manage your adwords, and they are kind enough not to charge you a fortune to help you with this initial ‘toe in the water’ test - that's great but you are not over the line. There are many other factors at play when it comes to Adwords. Your website is a massive one. How your website is structured and linked to your Adwords account is a crucial part of Google Adwords - the page(s) you send people to from your ads can hinder or enhance the return you get from your adwords spend.

Make sure your website is designed correctly and has relevant content within the landing page. If your landing page content does not match what your ad says then your engagement is going to suffer. Don't over promise then under deliver with a poorly designed website and terrible landing page content.

There is so much detail to Google Adwords that I am now working on a more comprehensive article that will cover all the ins and outs of successful Google Adwords campaigns.

However, for now, please hear me when I say it can make a huge difference to your digital objective. I have worked with businesses that have been truly transformed by adopting online marketing and I have personally witnessed the power of Google Adwords as part of that solution.

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