Are Your Customers Pogo-sticking?

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Are Your Customers Pogo-sticking?

Eddie Dunkerley
May 2, 2018
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Pogo-sticking is a user behaviour and it is the type of behaviour that can influence your search engine performance. Why is it important?

Pogo-sticking - the term used to describe a particular behaviour when a searcher is searching the internet. For example, lets say they search for "patio gas dundee" on Google. They will be presented with the Search Results page containing lots of links to websites that are related to patio gas in and around Dundee. This is the point at which pogo-sticking can occur. It is the process of clicking a link and visiting a website then returning back to the search results to click a different link and repeating this several times bouncing around multiple sites that are listed on the results page. This type of behaviour can often mean that a user is not satifised with the content of the sites that they are visiting. It is also trackable behaviour by Google because the user visits the same results page over and over looking for the answer or query.

Pogo-sticking isolation one of these pogosticking events could be considered valid behaviour, or example, checking/comparing pricing across website but if this is a regular occurence involving pages from your website then Google may deem that your website is not very useful to the searcher. This is not what you want.

The solution - to always create the most helpful, engaging content you can focussing on the intent of the searcher. It is actually quite simple.

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