7 Tips for Generating High Quality Content for your Blog

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7 Tips for Generating High Quality Content for your Blog

Chris Dunkerley
September 18, 2017
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We are faced with a barrage of views and opinions on a daily basis. How do we reach our audience through this digital din? Quality over quantity!!!

We are getting to a point where there is too much noise online. This makes it even more difficult for your target audience to find your content. We all need to try and make sure the content we produce is of the highest quality. So, how do we ensure our voices are heard through all the noise? The answer is by focussing on quality.

Here are 7 tips to ensuring your content is hitting the mark.

  1. Provide Value
    Solve a problem - Answer a question. Don’t just rabbit on about something for no reason. Make sure your content has a point and is positioned to give people some genuine value.

  2. Originality
    Do not copy and paste content from another article you have read online. That would be plagiarism. This doesn’t go down well with Google. You should really have enough to say yourself without copying someone else’s work. There is nothing wrong with sharing or taking inspiration from someone else’s work but whatever you do, don’t try to pass it off as your own.

  3. Be Concise and to the point
    Make sure your content is consumable and provides the visitor with the information they seek quickly. Visitors are impatient and don’t give online content a lot of time these days and the quicker you can get your point across, the better. A long 3000 word article that only gives the value in the last paragraph is not going to work.

  4. Attract with powerful headlines
    Make sure the initial message is sent with a thump! The headline is usually a big reason for people clicking on your article. Tease them with the value they will get from the content but also make it stand out from the crowd if possible. There is an art to this and it really does work. However, don’t fall foul of over promising and under delivering.

  5. Inspire through aesthetics
    When creating content, you must consider its visual impact. A lot of visitors will decide to consume your content based on the accompanying visuals. Make sure your visuals are enticing and inspiring but also send a message to your audience by being relevant to the content.

  6. Positively and helpfully disrupt the status quo
    The most successful pieces of content are those that challenge the norm. They flip peoples current understanding of something on its head. They get noticed more and shared more. This type of content is likely to upset some traditionalists but if you truly believe what you have to say then don’t be afraid to put it out there.

  7. Plan and record your ideas
    Most content creators use some kind of system to record ideas and thoughts while they are on the move. Ideas for good content rarely arrive in your head while sitting on your computer. Most ideas will decide to hit you when you are on the bus, at the bowling club, in bed, in the shower or while arguing a point in the local pub. Tools like TRELLO are a great way of recording these ideas and thoughts until you are ready to write.

When producing your content, think about quality over quantity.

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