5 reasons why you need a Mobile Responsive Website

Chris Dunkerley
December 12, 2016
User Experience
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5 reasons why you need a Mobile Responsive Website

Chris Dunkerley
April 24, 2018
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Are you thinking about making your website mobile responsive? This article will tell you why there is no debate anymore. You just need to do it.

Let's start by getting straight to the heart of the issue. One of the most relevant and timeless phrases in the business world...

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change - Charles Darwin

In today's world, the exponential increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets to consume online information has quite simply transformed the way your website should be built. Building mobile responsive websites has now become the industry standard. A well considered website must respond to multiple screen sizes.

So, here are 5 reasons why you must have a mobile responsive website
  1. Existing Customers:
    Your customers are using mobile phones and tablets right now. As you read this, one of your existing customers is on their phone looking a something they are interested in. This isn't something that you need to consider doing for the future - that future is already here. I can guarantee you that at least some, if not all, of your customers are using mobile phones to visit websites on a regular basis. If you are not providing a wonderful mobile experience for them, someone else will.  

  2. New Customers:
    Every new prospective customer that lands on your current website will automatically expect you to have considered their experience when viewing your website on their mobile device. They are now so used to a easy enjoyable mobile experience that they expect every business to offer the same level of experience. When you are looking to attract new business through your website, the last thing you want to do is put them off by presenting them with a poor experience on their device. You will likely lose the business if they cant find what they are looking for quickly. The worst thing is, you wont even know they were there.

  3. The Data Says So:
    All statistics and analysis says you should look after and provide for mobile visitors. We regularly review the the traffic statistics from our clients and we have witnessed a seismic shift in the way end users consume online content. 5-6 years ago the data showed us the traffic split was around 80% desktop, 20% mobile devices. Today, this statistic has changed drastically to a point where we see a 50/50 split in desktop and mobile devices. This is clearly not the case for everyone as the stats do fluctuate between industries. However, it is clear that the user experience on mobile is now just as important as the user experience on desktop. This means that the attention given to this mobile devices in the design and build phase of a website project is crucial. In 2017, we believe our stats may show a movement towards 55/45 split in traffic in favour of mobile devices. At this point, the mobile and tablet user experience is arguably more important than the traditional desktop user experience.

  4. Future Proofing:
    The new generation is here and they should be considered users of your website. Going forward, all organisations will have to adapt and operate very differently. Generation Y have a different expectation on how they wish to consume information and communicate with organisations. They already expect much more of organisations than previous generations and in turn reject websites much quicker if they don't give them the experience they are after. The landscape has changed and continues to do so - we all need to step up our game if we wish to thrive online in the coming years. We need to give Generation Y what they want or we will wither on the vine and die.

  5. Your Brand Message:
    It just says something about you when you are prepared to invest in this type of technology. I know from my own experience, I get a gut feel about businesses that invest in their online presence. It's not just because I understand their value commercially but as a consumer I love it. If I visit a website for the first time and they have built a mobile responsive website, I feel that they care about me and that they value my time and experience enough to give me what I want in a format that makes my life easy. I automatically warm to this company and my relationship with them starts at a place of respect and quality and I haven't even spoken to them yet. That is value. I cant be the only who thinks this - in fact I know I am not. 

It truly is a business necessity to allow visitors on mobile devices to consume your website comfortably. They expect it and will think negatively of your business if you do not cater for their needs. If you do not currently have a mobile responsive website, I would argue that right now, each time someone visits your website on a mobile device, your brand is being damaged. That is a slow digital death. You cannot afford to wait any longer.

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