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Who are Vital Hike?


About Vital Hike

Our Story

Vital Hike was founded in 2010 by two brothers - Eddie & Chris Dunkerley. Back then, they felt the right way to grow a business was to surround themselves with great people. They built the business around individuals who share the same values as themselves. This has been their recruitment mantra since day one. The foundations of a great 'people' business were laid early on and this is what sets Vital Hike apart from any other - a belief in people.

Put simply, we are a polymathic team of dedicated humans who get a huge kick out of creating awesome stuff and helping other people.

Where we work

Newport-on-Tay is a small town in the north-east of Fife in Scotland, acting as a commuter suburb for Dundee. The Fife Coastal Path passes through Newport-on-Tay. The area itself is nestled between the two bridges that cross the River Tay and we are blessed with distant views of the Scottish mountains.

Who we are

Meet Our Team

WHo We Are

Chris - Co-founder & Creative Marketer

Chris started Vital Hike with his older brother Eddie. In his time, he has been a graphic designer, brand navigator, a sales person, a website designer, photographer, consultant and now he has the new role of marketing the company going forward. He has picked up a wide range of skills and is driven by helping others achieve online. Chris also heads up our Humans in Business project.


JRR Tolkien
The Isle of Skye
Scones with Mackays Jam

WHo We Are

Eddie - Co-founder & Technical Director

Eddie is the older Dunkerley brother. He is the logical tech-head mastermind behind a lot of what we do here. If you have a great idea, he is the one to tell you how to implement it, or if you are wasting your time. He has a vast technical background and huge experience in the development of software and web applications. If there is a way to do it, Eddie will find it.


Dire Straits
Islay Whisky
Real Ales

WHo We Are

Kathryn - Operations Manager

Kathryn is a seriously important part of this business. Not one for cuddles and social gatherings, she is the one that has all the answers. If you need a report carried out to help determine the viability of a project, how to market your product online, who your target market should be, she is the one who will work it all out for you. An amazing head for research and logic. Outside of work, you will find her feeding her gang of ducks in her field at home or cycling around the country visiting places she hasn't been before on her really cool expensive bike.


Evening walks
Stoner rock
Seeing new places
Information gathering

WHo We Are

Gill - Senior Designer

The lovely Gill is the office mum. She has a big heart and takes care of us all. She also tells us off when we make a mess in the staff room. Having worked at multiple agencies during her career including in Glasgow and Manchester she has settled here at Vital Hike. Back from maternity leave, this new Mum of cute little Margot has jumped right back in where she left off. Really happy to have her back in the office. Oh, and she kicks proper ass when it comes to design. That's pretty important right?!


Creative Ideas
Meeting new people
David Attenborough

WHo We Are

Katy - Designer

The young gun of the team - Katy joined Vital Hike straight from University in 2016 and has blown us away with her talents. Her title should technically say junior designer but there is no way that would do her justice. Having Katy on board has been very exciting for us all. Specialising in branding, typography, and web design, Katy works with the strategy and project teams to add that extra shine to our projects. She is by far the coolest in the office too. Our very own Stevie Nicks.


Classic cars/Vintage design 
Making people laugh 
Befriending animals 
My guitars

WHo We Are

Ross - Front-End Developer

This dude has got some serious skills. Taking the crazy ideas our designers come up with and turning them into digital bliss. His knowledge of CSS, UX and UI is a wonder to behold. He is a proper nice young lad. His mum should be proud. His diet of Nutella and crisps worries us a little though. He flies drones too. Rock on Rosco!


Giant Chocolate Buttons
24h Le Mans

WHo We Are

Pawel - Technical Manager

Pawel or 'Pav' for short was one of the original team here at Vital Hike. He is our resident comedian. When he had to move back home to Poland for family reasons, we made every effort to continue working together. He now heads up our Polish team of developers and works closely with Eddie on a day-to-day basis. Pav is our technical R&D man. He spends a lot his time finding solutions to problems and reporting back with his recommendations.


Italian Food
Shaun The Sheep

WHo We Are

Edyta - Lead Developer

Edyta is our go to Coding Queen. Any technical issue that the rest of the team cannot fix, Edyta will come to the rescue. She is quiet and yet very confident when it comes to development. Edyta keeps the boys in Poland in check. A delight to have on board.


Strong Tea
Hill Walking